What women want….. buying gifts for women made easy.

Most men are clueless. That’s not an insult; it’s a fact.

Sorry guys,  you know it’s true….most of you just have no clue how to buy gifts for women.

Knowing this fact, I’m going to demystify the gift-giving process for all you non-sensitive, but well-meaning studly types.
I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to
pick the perfect gift..for mother, girlfriend, wife…any female in your life…for any occasion.

I’m not just going to give you a list of appropriate gifts…. lots of sites already do that and men still don’t understand WHY one gift works and another one gets them booted out of the house for a week.  What I’m going to do is explain female logic (yes we DO have logic) so that you can pick a gift yourself without all the angst!

Here’s the one thing that all women want…it’s not complicated.

Proof that you love them.

That’s it. Now what’s so difficult about that?

Quit muttering and groaning like that, you’ll scare the dog.

Okay, I’ll expand on the idea a little just ’cause I can’t stand watching a man cry.

How the h…..  do you prove that you love her?

That’s easy too.

You think about them.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Really.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money; just prove that you thought about her for more than two minutes (in a non-sexual context) and she will believe you are a king among men.

If she knows that you spent ten hours scouring stores to find the right gift for her…it doesn’t matter what gift you come home with…all that matters is that you spent ten hours thinking about her!  Really, you could bring home a stuffed pig and still get lucky if she knew you had spent all that time thinking about her! The problem with the pig-thing is how do you prove you were thinking about her? Unless she happens to be a pig farmer…then it works.  What you buy should prove to her that you were thinking about her personally. Does she even like pigs?

Think about her.Take a minute here to really do that.

Come on, quit blubbering,  you can do this.

Now,  write a quick  list of words that relate to the female you’re gifting. Nothing complicated.

Here’s are some examples:

1) what work does she do ….  nurse, teacher, jazz pianist, secretary, mother

2) where does she hang out…….clubs, gym, kitchen, barn, school

3) what  are her quirks (bites her toenails, wears too much purple, sings in the shower)

4) what are her hobbies ……running, cooking, playing music, humming Beatles tunes

(okay, that last might qualify as a quirk, but don’t be too anal about where you
list stuff, it doesn’t matter)

Alright…got your list done? You are now fully armed to go gift shopping.

Don’t panic, I won’t leave you on your own just yet. I know you’d flounder and drown if left on your own at this point.

Before I take you out shopping with your little prepared list, I want to interject a side note. If you simply took that list that you have just written,and transferred it onto a custom card for your wife-girlfriend-mother, she would think you were the sweetest, most sensitive, most romantic guy in the world.

Why? Because it proves that you thought about her. Ergo: you love her!

Realize the Love

If you’re the handy type, you could hand-craft something that related to the any of the items on your list…the proof that you were thinking about her would be obvious in the time you spent to hand make something for her. It’s not the gift that counts IT’S THE THOUGHT that goes into it…seriously!

If you aren’t able to make it yourself, there are many ways to customize a gift that will make it personal…more proof that you were thinking about her. Putting her name or picture on a gift is perfect. Putting your own words on it is even better.

Here’s an example; this ipad cover can be customized by just adding her initials to it. Note: if she doesn’t own an ipad, do not buy this gift. If she hates black, do not buy this gift! THINK ABOUT HER.

Black Diamonds

Keeping your list in hand, click here to visit my one of my favorite one-stop shopping websites. Now type in one or two words from your list into the search bar at top. Everything on this page is a potential gift. Any of these items would prove that you were thinking about her because they all relate to one of the things you wrote on your list specifically about HER.
Remember, that’s what it’s all about ... thinking about her=LOVE.
 Try different combinations of words from your list until you find the one thing that suits her perfectly. If you add a personal note or image or even just her name to one of these products that already relate specifically to her, you’ve got a winner.
Here’s another example. I found this great frame by typing ‘mother’ and ‘photo’ in the search bar.

Greatest Mother

I understand that men don’t purposely set out to buy dumb gifts, they sincerely don’t get it..that’s why we forgive them and love them anyway. So if anything I’ve said makes sense to just one man, it will be a major step forward in male-female communications.

My son says this whole thing is a lie…understanding what women want will NEVER be easy. He might be right, but the main thing is you tried; don’t give up. Tell your girlfriend, wife, mother that you read this blog. You’ll at least get a few bonus points for making an effort…be sure to add a comment and you’ll have proof that you were here.


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