Win a NEWline tshirt

Happy New Year!

I’d like to thank everyone for playing ‘What’s my NEWline’. It was a lot of fun but the contest is now over and we have a winner! Congratulations to M. Bradford-Scott of Columbus, Ohio who guessed all three tees correctly.  The answers are all listed here and the tshirts are all available on my zazzle website.

  1. bottom line
  2. fine line
  3. leading lines
  4. line dancing
  5. bloodline (okay, that was too easy. I’ll make it tougher tomorrow)
  6. same old line (yeah, yeah…heard that before)
  7. hook line and sink’er (sorry, not fishing line..but you were close!)
  8. spring line (boaters should get this one)
  9. line of sight
  10. beeline …..was there any doubt?
  11. clothesline
  12. product line ( sorry, not “cross the line”, but good try)
  13. pipeline
  14. anchor line
  15. between the lines (* beeline was No.10)
  16. assembly line
  17. aquiline
  18. cut in line
  19. genetic line (next family reunion, we’re all wearing these!)
  20. telephone line
  21. firing line
  22. foul line
  23. railway line
  24. laugh lines
  25. borderline personality disorder (self-portrait)
  26. breadline
  27. hotline
  28. saline
  29. checkout line
  30. chorus line
  31. cruise line
  32. crystalline
  33. pick up line
  34. headline
  35. receding hairline
  36. incline
  37. storyline
  38. crossing the (Finnish) finish line
  39. tideline
  40. punchline
  41. skyline
  42. neckline
  43. treeline
  44. timeline
  45. sign on the dotted line
  46. trampoline
  47. trading deadline
  48. ocean liner
  49. international date line
  50. online
  51. partyline

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