Juggernauts and other nonsense

Hi….how are you?

Who are you and what do you love?

I’m a photographer and I love photography….when I’m out taking photos, I  find hours have passed that feel like moments.   And words…I love words. Words and photos. Two of my interests, and also two of my greatest #$%^# frustrations! (I’ll stop being so polite once I know you a little better). So what better to blog about than two of my favorite things… light-play and word-play?

Since you brought it up, I want to talk to you about the word ‘juggernaut’. You gotta love that word don’t you? It has such ummm… what’s the word? Such cadence …that’s it, cadence.

Someone with more nerve than tact asked me one day, “Jugg——er——naut?” Being of relatively small size in the upper chest area, and not wanting to exaggerate, I  answered,  “Definitely Naut!!”  

Okay, that’s ridiculous, but I wanted an excuse to use the word. And how often do you get to throw  ‘juggernaut’  into your conversation? And what the heck is a juggernaut anyway? Wait! Don’t swamp me with responses to that question; I just googled it and apparently you might  create one!

Although I love words, I frequently lose them,  forget where I put them, and the right one usually seems to elude me. It’s one of those love-hate relationships.  Blogging is such a boon to conversationally-challenged people like me! I can use the backspace until my fingers turn blue and you can’t hear me going …umm, er.  Meanwhile I can surreptitiously look for that word I left in some dusty corner of my mind.

My other passion, photography, creates just as many challenges; I must thrive on adversity.

For the photo above, the challenge was to get the chess piece in just the right location, and leave it there for exactly the right length of time. The photo is titled ‘Knight Moves’. It’s a long-exposure shot taken with the chess piece moved to different locations on the board and painted with light in each new spot. I wanted the opacity to vary so it took numerous repeats of the shot to get the timing down.   I was happy with the end result.

Next time I blog, I’ll probably ramble on about whatever interesting word pops into my head at the time….it’ll be easier than trying to remember what the damn word was that I was planning to blog about. And I’ll share my latest photography problem, I mean opportunity:) with you …..

Got a favorite word or words that are fun to play with?….throw them over.  Into any unusual photography experiments?…I’d love to hear about it.

For a visual treat, you can find more of my photography at iiphotoart