7 accurate acronyms to replace “l.o.l.”

Does anyone else  besides me find “lol” totally insufficient to express themselves?

I seldom lol, as a matter of fact it takes a pretty surprising  joke to get me to lol. Most of the time it’s a polite smile or a groan…depending on the quality of the humour and delivery of the jokester.

It kinda feels like I’m lying when I write “lol”…..it’s not really what I’m feeling and I’d like to express myself accurately, even on ‘twitter”. I’ve seen virtual fights break out when someone misreads the true emotions of a texter!

 This week, I was working hard to get a new store up and running at ‘zazzle.ca’, and I decided to remedy the “lol” dilemma. I came up with my own list of acronyms that work better for me. Feel free to appropriate any that might help keep your texting real.

I feel goooood about this! Maybe when word spreads, I will have helped people communicate and end some of those silly squabbles that are always cropping up on forums!…s.o.d.

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